Eco-friendly Environment

  • We support and promote biodegradable products usage Waste Management.
  • 300ft Eco Solutions ( in cleaning the slums.
  • Awareness about segregating waste.
  • Composting and organic gardening.
  • Biogas facilities.

Energy Source.

  • Our very first Solar LED lights were installed at Tayi Mane -Matru Dhama,, an orphanage that helps 64 young boys and youth who would otherwise be destitute children. They are given free education, health care and samskara (knowledge of Indian culture and heritage).
  • Providing Solar LED Lights for the safety of children in the slums (Mathrudhama).

Our Partners:

  • SVYM - Mysore
  • Taxshe
  • Rotary Clubs - Bengaluru.
  • Sharada Rotary Health Care, Bengaluru.
  • Taarruni Design Solutions
  • Bharathi Vidya Sagar- BJP- national joint secretary- Womens forum.
  • Karnataka Cancer society.
  • Kabbage India
  • Ace creative learning Pvt Ltd

Seva Kirana with the support from the United States of America decided to work in tiers addressing the immediate issues to the long term sustainability. Tier one - building toilets at the govt, girls schools in the slum communities. (Due to lack of toilets, many girls don't go to schools. 6 toilets have been built this year in the schools and the principals are reassuring us about the increase in admission this school year with girls. Next Seva Kirana is building 9 toilets in Another near by slum with 200+ families with no toilet or bathroom facilities.

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