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How you can participate?

  • Be a volunteer locally and internationally.
  • Internship programs in medical and non medical fields from 1-4 semesters.
  • Come and see how Seva Kirana works in India
  • Throughout time, societies have evolved through generous donations from philanthropists, socialites and individuals like you and me.
  • Let us continue the same process by generously contributing;
  • Rs. 20,000 ($320) for one sewing machine.
  • Rs. 15,000 ($250) for education, health care and nutrition for one child for one year (kindergarden to grade 12).
  • Rs. 15000 ($250) for one toilet.
  • Rs. 15000 ($250) for one bathroom.
  • Rs. 13000 ($225) for one 13 watt solar lamp with solar panel and back up battery for one family so their children can do home work in the evening.
  • Rs.12000 ($200) for a 1000 litre water tank. It will provide drinking water for two days for a community of 200.
  • Rs. 12,000 ($200) for vision and dental care for one child for one year.
  • Rs. 1,60,000 ($3000) Plasma light to light up an entire community for street safety.
  • Rs. 17,00,000 ($28,000) for Bio gas unit.

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