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It all began 37+ years ago when a visionary Mr. Ajit Kumar started this organization Hindu Seva Pratishtana, to serve the underserved in Education, Culture, Art, Health care, Hygiene, Women Empowerment initiatives, Prasanna Counseling center just to name a few.

Out of his selfless work Seva Kirana was born, to give “HOPE" to the slum communities.

Today Seva Kirana an HSP initiative funded by “SEWA U.S.A", an international organization, which spreads to 38 chapters in the U.S.A and 23 countries around the world serving the needy at various levels.

Swami Vivekananda aptly put it as “Equity in India should be attained not by pulling the RICH, but by pushing up the POOR".

Due to industrialization, rural to urban migration have left our big cities with huge slum population seeking work.

The city of Bangalore, is the prime example of urbanization in the 20 th and 21st centuries. The population has seen significant growth in recent history, increasing from 4,130,000 in 1991 to 9,588,000 in 2011.

The slum dwellers live in “squatter homes" or informal housing, low or poor communities, lacking in basic energy and toilet facilities clean water and waste management.

Slum communities engage in unsafe and societally detrimental activities such as siphoning electricity from existing lines and using public spaces for defecation, bathing and washing, etc., The slum communities surrounding the city of Bangalore have grown faster rate than the city’s metro area.

This situation put a tremendous stress on social reform by the government and NGOs.

Seva Kirana team identified through preliminary filed interviews and pilot programs about the logistics of the slums. Each slum unit consists of 200-250 dwellers. Thus recent survey states there are over 1700 such slums in Bangalore and it’s surrounding areas.

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